• BS, what actual use TOEFL, I was able to converse using the English language, do not need a TOEFL again?
BS wah no TOEFL teacher, but BS try love ya advice. TOEFL is slightly different from English Idioms for conversations or class in general. TOEFL is the standard reply is used to check the English ability of someone to continue in college (school) in the course wrote using English. because it wrote the check is listening (hearing): how to listen to lectures, structure and essays: how to write (the reports) well and also reading: how to understand the reading quickly. person who speaks fluent / conversations toeflnya not necessarily score high, on the other hand, too, people who score high toeflnya not be able to converse fluently.

• Once his BS TOEFL learn how?
It's a good question and hard to answer
yes TF studies had since graduating college. not late tuh? yes indeed late, but would gimana. in this case it did work so much harder. used to take lessons BS toefl in two places. one wrote one month old alter ego duration of three months so no one reply. but basically they did not increase significantly TF score. seputaran still only 500, hehehe. not touched 550. so therefore continue studies BS using Cliff books. benar2x help book because he discusses the structure of the most simple. It really helps because most of our mistakes grammar usage is not appropriate reply, and it starts from simple things, such as placement of subject, verb, plural, singular, preposition, etc.. if BS now what advice was asked, then the BS-love advice rajinlah diligently writing and then edit your writing repeatedly. try searching the new grammar, and then make his own writings from there, then you will found out where the mistake and do not be afraid to improve on. so naturally ketelitianmu increases and consequently toefl score will rise as well.

in principle toefl (first version) includes four parts: listening (hearing), structure / grammar (grammar), reading comprehension (reading comprehension) and writing (writing). yg fifth is speaking. tp make it I've never had the experience to take. OK, try BS described below for improving the experience of each of the above.

• listening
for listening, part and needs to hone is the ability to "ear" you. essentially the words spoken are not hard / difficult for to understand. usually the material is about everyday conversations or conversations on campus. of course if you are a student, then the words are not hard for you. a highlight is the "catch" these words clearly. this for some exercises I do is reply: English Idioms tape as much as possible (music or conversation) and also watch movies speak english. more or more often you hear, the easier the words you digest. can also play the tape while listening toefl own leisure time you do the routine things (studying at home, sit or relax while doing other things). This is necessary for a long time so that your ears sharp enough. I think at least after six months then you will feel the benefits.

• structure
structure is basically understand the use of English grammar correctly. I wrote a book told in a previous post (eg: books Cliff, Longman and Peterson) the most useful for the discussion thread from the most simple to the most difficult level. in addition, for training structure, diligent-rajinlah you create it in English. any form: writing about subjects like, diary or writing no matter your interest. The key here is to write English correctly. asked one or more of your friends for willing to be mentors for reading your writings and provide corrections. My girlfriend used to reply in English better than me, a lot of help I provide correction for my writings. when I took s2, professors helped me a lot of writings in my reports. these reports I asked again and I wrote back that I know which error I have done.

• reading comprehension
for this I suggest you often read in the papers / articles speak english. is related to the ability / speed you are reading. with the internet now you'll easily find the writings of English language, among others, from newyork times, jakarta post, bbc, cnn etc. try to print a few articles and then read. if you want to reply more "heavy" to read scientific journals internationally. My score was much terdongkrak when I was assigned by professors for reading scientific journals and made eight brief writing for a month. the results when I test toefl reading a few weeks later I was just one or two!

• essay
for an essay, maybe if you've done that I mentioned tips for sering2x write on, then it will be easier for you. tp additional suggestion was for an essay I wrote consideration is the structure of your writing. usually you will be given a topic, such as about: "what do you think of the importance of parents for home schooling?" for this you need to make the writings yg support your opinion. good if your opinions set forth in paragraph-paragraph and in the last paragraph you make a conclusion. for examples please look at the books you have toefl.

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